Her success made her the target of jealousy.

The former president of a certain association has been arrested on suspicion of breach of trust.

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Chinese language works much better than English in this market.


If I had known that she didn't know, I wouldn't have said anything.


She's scared of dogs.


Father bought me the book.

Bring my hat.

Where's your bulletproof vest?

I understand what happened.

Archie is somewhat shy.


A dead leaf fell to the ground.


That'll never happen again.

I thought I heard you.

I say it's worth the risk.

Metin's doorbell rang.

He took as much care as possible.

Johnnie drank a lot at the party and ended up making a fool of himself.

Compare your translation with the one on the blackboard.

It's almost time for her to go.

We're both students.

We dodged a bullet on that one.

I didn't want Stanley to worry.

It can be repaired.

I'm afraid of Putin.

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Toufic loves Triantaphyllos and she loves him.

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I can't imagine what you've been through.

You know what to do.

You're welcome to write to me.

Don't you know that he passed away two years ago?

Are you angry right now?

A friend deceived her.

The Japanese tend to identify themselves with the group they belong to.


Mohammad has a good camera.

Does Hughes believe in miracles?

Novorolsky apologized for stepping on my foot.

Where's the package you wanted me to deliver?

What is the subject of your lecture?


He had no more than one hundred yen with him.

Ninja told me his father was a doctor.

I thought that she was pregnant.

All but for he are here.

I hope that my mother is well.

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Tai is an amateur golfer.

Leslie didn't tell anyone that he'd dropped out of school.

I'm in ecstasy.

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She can't control her emotions.

Some members of Blaine's society think that he is actually a stoat posing as a human. They are wrong, since this is scientifically impossible.

We must get rid of Sheila.

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He hurled defiance at me.

I'm surprised Santa isn't with Ritchey now.

This adds to our troubles.


I can still do that.

Dave knew everybody by name.

In retrospect, that decision was a mistake.

I am happy to hear your voice.

I knew Olof didn't like me.

You're not that careful.

George Washington was born in 1732.

There's a small problem.

We talked without the aid of an interpreter.

Please look for it.

I wonder if that's her.

Not a sound was heard in the room.

Did you hear that your company won the bid?

We're all stupid.

I don't think I like you very much.


Earl is Micheal's friend.

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I was very young when that happened.


Liquid love is a concept created by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman concerning the fragility of human bonds in postmodernity.

You're obviously not very happy.

Suwandi's hiding something, and Roland knows it.

Clarence felt like crying.

Jakob is taking the kids to school.

He knows no foreign language except English.

What do you want me to tell Giovanni if he calls?

That was only a year ago.

Ramon saw something different than the rest of us did.


The water here is shallow.

People rose in revolt against the King.

Mother charged me to clear the room.

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We have a 50-minute layover in Boston.

I don't want to read more.

She is aggressive.

It's very unlikely that we will ever find a solution to this problem.

I could do this forever.

Nigel looked out the window at the snow while he was sitting in the hot bath.

Archie was too scared to say anything.


She's in love with another man.

Where did get that stuff?

There's a movie I want to watch on TV tomorrow night.

The vehicles are inspected for defects at least every three months.

I know what it's like.


I've been thinking a lot about Marco.

That must be heavy.

I can't predict the future.


Fap to me children, FAP!!!


This is really delicate.

Before buying shoes, you should try them on.

I admit that if it weren't for him, the next ten years of my life would have been empty and devoid of purpose.


They will be very afraid.


Why don't you just talk to Stacy?


I lived in Sasayama two years ago.

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The man must have succeeded in business by virtue of his efforts.

It's up to Sedat now.

The children played outside until dark.


He looked tired then.

These books are accessible to all students.

We'll regret this.

Come at once.

Let's not discourage him.

Takayuki and Michael had to run.

She could solve the problem, and so could I.

Markus told Mikael to clean her room.

Baking apple pie fills the house with a wholesome aroma.

We'd better find it.

It is very impolite of her to decline their invitation.


She gave my elbow a little jog.

His driving was against traffic rules.

She accused her son of wasting his life.

I've been concerned about him.

Keep it together, Dalton.

Linder tried to remember the doctor's name, but he couldn't.

She wants to buy a car, but she can't afford to.

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No one can say.

It takes us thirty minutes to walk from here to the station.

Never mind. Anyone can make mistakes.

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I'd like to hang out with you tonight.


Barbara said that he'd pay the bill.


Is it there?

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I just don't want to make the wrong choice.


Try to understand it in Spanish, without translating to English.

Hey, it's good to see you.

The strain of the last few days was beginning to tell.

I hope we're going to do something worthwhile.

Do you have a driver's license with you?

We have an extraordinary design team.

I don't want to stay home.

I'd like a chance to explain why I made this choice.

The teacher let him go home.


I study English and Japanese.

You need to hit the gym.

I can't imagine doing that.

What's your wife's job?

The clock on that tower is accurate.

If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing badly.

The blue flower is small.

We'll visit the old town.

I didn't think I'd be first.

I just want him to be happy.

Do I have to pay you?


Let go of me, please.


Contact lenses are more able to correct strong astigmatism.


There's a big difference between reading for pleasure and stimulation and reading for knowledge and education.

This poem is attributed to him.

What a cock-up!

Do you realize what time it is? What were you up to at this time of night?

Are you guys having problems?

Give some meat to the dog.

Were they wearing seatbelts?

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Vladislav asked Elvis to throw the rotten apple into the garbage.