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Mosquitoes enjoy the company of humans.

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I was the one who said we should give Marsha another chance.

I was forced to lie.

The thief escaped with my bike.

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The discovery of electric waves made radio possible.


Tell Surya we plan to be there on time.

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All of them were handmade things.

He cannot be a gentleman to say such a rude thing.

Betty is pretty old.

Sheila is like my own son.

Generally speaking girls are better linguists than boys.

You must see it to believe it.

Can I drop you off?

There's going to be a wedding.

It's good that the sun came out.

I as well as my brother am to blame.

Metin asked Wendell if she drank beer.


I owe you thirty dollars.


I know who killed my parents.


The crowd demonstrated in support of human rights.

They did not like my book.

He left the office in great haste.


Lend me a memo pad or something.


Duane's favorite color is blue.

We must be kind to the elderly.

The future generations will not forgive any of you.

Has Ann already looked for his ball in the closet?

Proper praise stinks.

Do you use fingernail clippers to cut your toenails?

I deserve to know the truth.

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Do you know how many people live in Australia?


How do you happen to know Mr Slater?

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I'll have to speak to my boss about that.

Do you see me?

I am so tired that I can't study.

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I'm worried about me getting killed.

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Tracy wasn't surprised that Suzanne was asking him for a divorce.

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Eileen was the only other person present.

With a little planning, I think we can take our company to the top.

Is that agreeable?

Do you think we have a chance to win?

Long before Darwin's theory of evolution, Buffon had surmised that species evolved very slowly under different material circumstances.


I suppose you could say that.


Do you want to get out of here or not?

Cathy and I bought our plane tickets three months in advance.

He escaped being run over by a hair's breadth.

The trouble is that they have no money.

When you are walking down the road, it is possible to meet lots of people.


The success of Hebrew should serve the Esperanto movement as a source of encouragement and inspiration.


Stay with Orville in this room.


It's an order.

Kyung would've never done this.

They are interested in abstract reasoning.

Is it safe to eat raw fish during pregnancy?

I thought we could get together later.

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So what is everyone's problem?


If people get scared enough, anything could happen.


You've lost your umbrella.


I should have listened to you.

I have a letter written by him.

Ji bought some rice.


It's not a happy occasion.

There's somebody coming up the stairs.

We'll need to come up with another plan.

Not bad for a beginner.

I hope you learn.

Patrice is quite temperamental.

Yvonne's love for Milner probably won't last.

His words embarrassed me.

There were Jews in Arab countries before the partition of Palestine.

Have you ever ridden a mule?

When Damon died, I wanted to die.

I'm going to name the baby Mitchell.

I think we'll stay for a couple more hours.

Sally was absent from school for two weeks, so she has to work hard to catch up with her class.

The earth is made up of sea and land.


Helen said he didn't intend to stay.


It's difficult to keep secrets.

The father carried his son bodily from the room.

I don't think I need to do anything today.

I hope we don't run into any bureaucratic red tape.

Walt is also a vegetarian.


I put on my trousers.

I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

You look awesome.


You will soon get to like him.


I'm feeling a little under the weather today.

I'm going to miss competing.

I hadn't thought of that.

I'm happy because starting today, we don't have any school until September.

Are your opinions representative of those of the other students?

My father is a bank clerk.

I want to be more like her.

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Apparently, Alberto hasn't yet told Sangho what happened.

Do you want some pancakes?

She doesn't drive for fear of an accident.

Bob suggested that the party be put off till Wednesday.

I go to bed about ten.

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish.

I'll call you when I leave.


Should I wait for them?

Mr Davis looks very tired.

Since the book is about animals, I was irritated that the animals behaved like people.

The surgeon persuaded him to undergo an organ transplant.

Someone has to say the magic word.

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I couldn't be prouder.


You are a student.

Salmon is my favorite fish to eat.

The door was hard to open.

I need to speak with him.

He watered the soil.

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What's this stuff here?

Tell Edmund what you need.

He, who kicks the pillar that stands on the bridge that leads over the river that flows through the village, in which lives the man, who owns the collar that bestows magical powers that perform miracles, dies.

And what if we went to a Japanese restaurant tonight?

What were your parents like?


I can hardly wait until summer.

Will it be fine tomorrow?

There is no significant difference.

Rod is willing to work on Sunday.

It's hard being a parent.

Pour me a drink.

I could feel the sweat trickling down my back.


Isn't anybody going to say congratulations?


See if you can find a fire extinguisher.

Can you break an egg with one hand?

Frederick will never be able to keep this a secret.

Now that the project has come to an end, I feel like I've finally come to a resting-place.

I just want to try new things.

I'm afraid of wild animals.

Cory ordered a beer.

You must examine that issue.

I have uploaded a new music video on YouTube.

Excuse me, may I open the window?

Michael stayed with us for several days in 2013.

Everyone was surprised.

I'll write to you or I'll phone you next week.

I signed this petition.

I didn't kill him.


He is my great grandfather.

I can't imagine living without electricity.

Eve drinks only coffee.

How many soldiers did you see?

Put our heads together.

In the beginning I found it hard to get used to.

I've got to get to sleep soon.


Excuse me, how much is this sweater?


We should probably not tell Lenora.

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I'm calling Jess right now.


She wondered which door to open.

Orville studied at Harvard.

I don't think that would bother Jeff too much.

It's only a painting.

She opened like this.


I met him the day before yesterday.