DC Residents React To Trump Opening The Government

'A complete monster, a huge skumbag and completely disgusting'

Bill Maher Attacks 16-Year-Old Covington Catholic Student — 'What A Little Pr*ck'

'I do not get what Catholic priests see in these kids'

Bill Clinton Denied 'Sexual Relations' With Monica Lewinsky On TV 21 Years Ago

'These allegations are false'

'There's A Lot Of Life Behind This March': Behind The Scenes, For Thousands Of Donuts, Coffees And Pints At The March For Life

How the people of DC prepare to host the pilgrims

Some Black Americans Are Fed Up With The Democratic Party -- This Is Why

'It blew my mind to know I was so blind'

Hannity Combats Sentiment That Trump Caved: 'You Don't Really Know The Donald Trump I Know'

'He right now holds the cards. He will secure the border one way or another'

Who Are The Black Israelites?

They called them "faggots," "crackers" and "incest babies"

Gisele Bundchen Thanks This Music Group For Teaching Her English: 'I Didn't Speak A Word Of English'

They sing together and it's magic

Kylie Jenner References Taylor Swift In Her New Business Empire Launch

What drama?

Massachusetts AG Calls Out Powerful Family Behind OxyContin Amid State Lawsuit

'Let the public judge for itself'

Watch The FBI Raid Roger Stone's Home During Early Morning

'FBI. Open the door'

Geraldo Rivera Holds Out Hope That Ocasio-Cortez Will Grow Up And Become 'Rationale' Someday

'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing a great job'

A Major 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Is Circulating Around The Internet. Prepare For Fans To Go Wild

This is absolutely insane

Trump Asks: Who Alerted CNN To Roger Stone Indictment?

'Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country'

Will Rob Gronkowski Retire After Super Bowl LIII? His Brother Gives Some Insight Into His Future

'If you actually watched'

Students Blame Trump For The Shutdown, But Are Stunned Once They Learn The Offers Turned Down By Democrats

'Pleasantly surprised'

Sarah Sanders: Will Hillary Clinton Be Arrested If Lying To the FBI Is A Crime?

'That’s a question'

Border Agent Tells CBS That This Is The Worst Immigration Crisis He Has Ever Seen

'We have a job to do'

NYT Publishes Puff Piece On Hate Group That Harassed Covington Boys For Over An Hour

Then, in the 15th paragraph

Here's What Alabama Coach Nick Saban Had To Say About His Quarterback Transferring To Oklahoma

Do you agree with his thoughts?

New York Aborted More Babies In 3 Years Than Babies Born In 1 Year

400 of every 1,000 babies

Here's The Absurd Reason This Superstar Actress Refused To Go On Jimmy Kimmel's Show

Is she joking?

Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her Exes And Anxiety In Her Latest Song With Julia Michaels

'Feel like Ι'm always apologizing fοr feeling'

Cuomo Disappoints Ladies On 'The View': 'I Don't See Prosecutions' Coming From Mueller

'I tell people to slow their roll on that'

Cleveland Browns Coach Had Profane Reaction After Being Fired. Here's What He Said

He didn't seem happy

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