Tuna is special.

It is very small.

I regret having been rude to him.

Are you giving up so soon?

I managed to finish preparing for tomorrow's lesson.

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Where, on a bright autumn morning, there were sounds of music and laughter, and where two girls danced merrily together on the grass, while some half-dozen peasant women standing on ladders, gathering the apples from the trees, stopped in their work to look down, and share their enjoyment.

Manavendra has a steady girlfriend.

One day in July, we went to the sea.


France is the winner of the 1998 World Cup.

An infrared ray is electromagnetic radiation.

North Americans are more conservative in terms of sexual morality than Europeans.

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We still have an hour before we need to be there.

The dismissal of foreign minister Tanaka is symbolic of the continuing political turmoil.

Please give me a receipt.

Darci doesn't have long to wait.

I am injured.

I might ask the same question again.

Ronni didn't quit.


He complimented me.

If I join the gym, will someone go with me?

I drank tea yesterday.

Try to be patient with others.

The Queen made an address to the nation.


As far as I can tell, Claire's French is pretty good.

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My daughter's name is Francois.


Ethan looked like he was having a good time.


It wasn't a maintenance problem.

Why don't you just stay put for now?

I haven't seen you for so long!

What were you doing this morning?

Kate asked Shakil for some help.


I learned a little French.

Rudolph didn't seem to mind waiting for Sassan.

You're the most reliable friend I have.


This street is lively.

Where can I take a bath?

Theodore seems to be an honest man.

Her friends were jealous.

A hinny is a hybrid offspring of two species, a male horse and a female donkey.

Maybe people like us shouldn't have children.

You know you were right.

In Japan, there are lots of hot springs.

The empirical data from this experiment seems in line with the theoretical hypotheses.

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This is the desk that Antony uses.

I think we should go home right away.

Let's join the celebration.

I wonder if life exists on other planets.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in one day.

We'll go ahead as planned.

Saul waited for Kenton in front of the warehouse.

I don't have anything better to do.

What are some of the side effects of this drug?

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I'd like them to be happy.

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I couldn't answer all the questions.

I really love French things.

Ofer lives 10 miles from the Canadian border.

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Do you want me to teach you that song?

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Beef stew should be nice and thick.

They're building a new plaza.

And what about the grandfather, aren't you going to bury him?

I need you to be honest.

Liz is a typical Canadian.

"Your girlfriend is going to be so mad at you when she finds out." "She'll never find out."

I came here to ask for your cooperation.

He paid his dues for what he is now.

I went into the library; where I happened to meet Ann.

I believe him to be a man of ability.

Jock poured Brandy a cup of coffee and topped off his own.

These four youths share an apartment in the Tokyo area.

Per is very good at math.

All my friends will be there.

Griff won three races in a row.


We're very sorry that your bag was delayed.

Who am I kidding?

Take it slowly.

He narrowly escaped death.

Teriann and Ron sat on the beach and talked to each other.


Dan was deeply troubled by Linda's death.

Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Netanyahu will be hosted today evening by his German counterpart, Mrs. Merkel, in the Federal Chancellor's Office in Berlin.

I put the lighter out.

The girl has a scarf around her neck.

Did you plan that with them?

We can't get Isabelle on the phone.

I'm so glad that you're here.

I passed up an opportunity to see him.

That snake is poisonous.

Dewey is married to a teacher.

Only yokels spit on the ground.

I found my name written on the blackboard.

Rick was over the moon about passing the exam.


Winnie suppressed a grin.

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If I change key, I can't hold the pitch. It's better if we go with the original key, and I sometimes sing an octave lower.

Do you want to eat French, Japanese or Chinese food?

I'm dying to know what's inside.

Our baby is not yet articulate.

My new phone is thinner than my old phone.

Vilhelm has an amazing memory.

Put this scarf around your neck.

I was taken by surprise.

He's putting on a coat.


That boy used to drop in on me.


Even though I wanted to help Beth, I wasn't able to.

You've made her unhappy.

What else does Mayo have?

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Everyone is an artist.


When Lou saw me, he ran away.


His words and deeds do not match.

I'm not your son.

What's your favorite way to cook trout?

Tait tried to hide his anger.

She's afraid to swim in large waves.

Beverly might know a little French.

What's your favorite small town in America?

Nuclear weapons may bring about the annihilation of man.

If Sho had money, he wouldn't be here.


Dormant volcanoes no longer produce eruptions, but might again sometime in the future.

Can you give us his name?

My father began jogging last month.

You won't get away.

I didn't expect you to answer.


This was a lie.

She was very rude to him.

I'm a German native speaker, and I'm looking for a tandem partner for German-French language exchange.

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Ravi tells me you've been to Boston.

Wendi will hate that.

Hey you, shut up!

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Harris ended up not buying that house on Park Street.

Digital technology for language-learning is being slowly but surely set up.

She's spending too much time watching TV.

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Laurianne has been absent from work for three days.


I've done this a thousand times.

You said some nice things about me.

I want you to go and see if it's still there.

There are cookies in the oven.

What am I going to do with a football club exactly?


I thought you wouldn't recognize me.

Let's not beat around the bush.

The leaves on the trees change color in the fall.


I knew people would talk.

Deal me out.

Minors can't be miners.


No one trusts him any more.


His income is larger than that of his wife.

Lonhyn tried his hardest to get there in time.

Donovan had to drop out from college because he couldn't afford tuition.

I think we all know what's happening.

There's no food.

Timo was injured.

The road is free.


It's very important to explain the risks to Kiki.

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Thanks, but no thanks.

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With whom are you eating dinner?

Surely Sandip can be trusted.

He translated the novel into German.

We found it impossible for us to cross the river.

He seems as busy as ever.

It's perfectly normal.

May your desire be satisfied.


For the first time a satellite was launched into orbit.


Come on, Seth. Don't be shy.