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What is Vezt?

Vezt is the first mobile app where music fans can acquire rights in their favorite songs and recordings. We exist to improve the music industry by providing artists, songwriters and producers with funding sourced directly from their fans on a global basis. In exchange, fans get the right to receive royalties earned by their favorite songs and recordings. Vezt collects these royalties on behalf of fans from performing rights organizations, publishers and record labels and tracks such royalties through proprietary blockchain technology.


Vezt provides a digital marketplace for artists and songwriters to offer a percentage of their royalties to fans and brands for royalty-based financing through an Initial Song Offering® (ISO™).

The Initial Song Offering includes a particular date and time when royalty rights will be made available to the public. Just as ticket sales for a popular artist may sell out in minutes, an ISO creates a focal point for awareness, demand and opportunity.

Who We Are

Our core team is comprised of finance, entertainment and tech industry veterans with decades of combined experience in development, product design and marketing.

Aahmek Richards

Aahmek Richards

Chief Creative Officer

Woo Yu

Jin Woo Yu

Chief Growth Officer

Timothy Kim

Timothy Kim

CEO, Vezt Korea, Head of Asia Pacific

Mike Sherman

Mike Sherman

Director of Client Services

Michel Moriatti

Dale Melidosian

Head of Business Affairs

Diana Luong

Diana Luong

General Manager

John Greenaway

John Greenaway

Director of Support Systems

Hugo Gonzalez

Hugo Gonzalez

Director of Engineering

Rafa Magana

Raf Magana

Senior Software Engineer

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