I'm touched by your concern.

He cried, "That's good!"

When I asked afterwards it seems he hadn't said that as a joke.

She is not innocent anymore.

Lance asked me what he could do for me.

I told Shakil that I'd do it.

Tammy wasn't ready.

What you say makes absolutely no sense to me.

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It's possible to win every battle, but still lose the war.


I am touched by the girl's acute sensitivity.


I was afraid I might chicken out.


There's no need to tell on him and mess up their marriage.

Have you ever sweated this much?

He advanced a new plan.

I was eating an apple when Casper phoned me.

It's all the same to me whether you will go to sea or not.

We go don't to make hasty decisions.

There's a very strong wind blowing.

I spoke to Liyuan just this morning.

We have to conform to the rules.

Old wasn't sure.

You don't need to know about them.

You promised you would be here.

The singer is known to everybody at our school.

That's very easy to do.

Why are you walking away from me?

Pantelis rushed into the room.

We are all as safe as we want to be.


Who do you think wrote this note?

London developed into the general market of Europe.

I'd better wake Yvonne up.

Suu is my favorite singer.

I thought there was a possibility that Werner was going to break the contract.

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Both Masanao and Phillip are Canadians.

We've both been very, very lucky.

I have nothing more to do today.

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I swear I never hurt Anton.

Bookends are very useful things.

George has lost control of the class.

It took a long time for Japanese imports to penetrate the American consumer markets.

Meeting my old friend was very pleasant.

If you have written the letter, I'll post it.

Hotta always stays at school as late as the teachers allow him to.

Yesterday we interviewed some tourists from all over the world.

I live in an apartment.

One thing I've always wanted to do is get a decent job close to home.

He is old enough to travel alone.


Let's just rest here for a little while, my feet are aching so much I can't walk.


Today we can't get anything without money.

Yeah, I felt bad when we broke up, but I don't lose any sleep over it.

Nigel told Huey to make sure that she wasn't late.

I need information.

She didn't go to school because she was sick.

He purposed writing something for the paper.

Tony isn't from around here.

The bell chimed them to meals.

Carole was mentioned.


I've forgotten her name.


He didn't tell the truth.

Tell them this is urgent.

If you go straight on, you'll see the cinema after the second street on the left.

There is no need for a comma in this sentence.

They burst out laughing.

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You will learn to love your baby.

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He cursed her fate.

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Debbie can tell me about it later.

We started according to plan.

Valentin denied that allegation.

Would you tell Stewart I'd like to see him?

Are you coming? The food's getting cold.

He studied hard.

I never really knew them.

Where is the venue for the meeting?

Could you please tell me how tall you are and how much you weigh?


I definitely want Those to be here by 2:30.

Did you read the article?

Dominick needed some fresh supplies.


"What's wrong?" "My computer just crashed."

I have to think of myself.

Perhaps I could come back later.

She gives varied impressions on different occasions.

I assure you of my support.

I'm getting ready to go back to Boston.

He followed hard after me.

Foreign people are amusing.

I'd like to confirm the hour of departure.

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What do you think Kathy means?


She's a total sweetheart.

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What's your favorite racing game?


It's a black-and-white picture.


Do you like Izchak's new Halloween costume?

The decision was easy.

He earns his bread as a writer.

She works as an office lady.

We saw him last night.


When will you leave for New York?

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She didn't marry him of her own will.

I could be wrong about this.

Ann says that he's never done that.


I knew you wouldn't disappoint me.


Mark needs to follow my advice.

See you in hell!

Charming, you are, my dear.


I think Nick was as surprised as I was.


Are you sure you don't want me to help?

He pretended to be ill so that he could be absent from school.

This is unbelievable!

You should ask Mitch about all of this.

We read the world wrong and say that it deceives us.

We all breathed a big sigh of relief.

The first checklist was published in 1961.

University was a wonderful experience.

The cabin of that old trapper is not far away.

I'd like you to assist her.

The man who held up the liquor store wore a mask.

She has an unquenchable desire for justice.

The people thought that he was a distinguished scientist.

None of the money is mine.

It's not fair. I did the dishes yesterday.

I do not fancy his appearance.

The children were skinny dipping.

Tell Pitawas about your classes at Harvard.

I can't believe that Rees kissed me.

It was her idea. She made me do it.

Don't worry about such a trifle.

He trusts us.

Can I start again?

Does that about do it?

About 360 000 babies are born every day and about 152 000 people die every day.

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Nicolo celebrates New Year's Day with her family.

We expect to win.

She left the last page blank.

Do you really love me?

What motivates you to learn foreign languages?


I am so thirsty, probably because I ate pizza yesterday night.

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Marsha has been in Boston before.


She's making parsley tea.

That was all Tad would tell me.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.


Louie has a list of things to do.

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I bought this shirt at that store over there.

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The life lesson: giving people the benefit of the doubt can further your career and personal relationships!

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I know how you felt about us.


I don't think Carisa understood.

I will be able to see you next year.

The doctor advised me to take more exercise.


Arlene was having trouble trying to find his best pair of cuff links.

I finally passed the aptitude test for higher management studies.

There's no point for me to go to school.

I think I have a pretty good idea what Arnold might be doing right now.

She hates spiders.


We know enough.

Not yet, it isn't.

I'm looking for Shari Jackson's office.


The violin, the piano, and the harp are musical instruments.


Please write back soon.

Sofoklis hasn't kissed me in three months.

Just get down here.

Maybe your dreams will be realized today!

He always speaks from notes.