Helping Golfers in London Reduce Their Handicaps by at Least 5 Strokes and Improving Their Game

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Hi, I’m Ollie Wojciechowicz

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching amateur and elite golfers for over 15 years all over the world. I’ve helped more than 1000 golfers improve all aspects of their game, from inefficient swings and power slices to devastating hooks and woeful putting.  I have literally helped players turn thousands of bogies into birdies!

The Best Bits

Professional golfer for 16 years - Reaching the final
    qualifying stage of the British Open

Enjoyed an incredible 8 years in Sydney Australia coaching amateur
    & elite players

I’ve coached everyone from complete beginners to
    single figure & professional players

Founded and expanded a successful coaching academy
I’ve spent 16 years refining & developing my signature

Absolutely love to coach and see people improve

Ok back to you...

Are you wanting to network on the golf course & not just the boardroom?

Are you constantly saying ‘No’ to golfing opportunities because you are petrified of embarrassing yourself out on the course?

Like most keen golfers I know how serious you are about improving your game, but I know how frustrated you are that you feel stuck in at least 1 big area of your game currently.

I firmly believe that my unique coaching program can help you improve your game & give you the confidence to say ‘Yes’ to any golfing opportunities that come your way!

Here are some of the way's I can help you improve your game.....

Reducing your handicap by 5 strokes or more
Adding distance to your drives leaving your playing partners shocked & jealous
Eliminating that frustrating slice
Turn 3 putts into a thing of the past
Start winning the money instead of having to hand over that crisp £ note every weekend
Understand what physical limitations you may have and a plan to overcome them or build a swing around them
Eliminate the putting and chipping yips

If any of the above sounds like you then you have come to the right place!

I could spend the next 20 mins of your time telling you how great I am, but the truth is I’m not, however, I do believe that I have proven system that quite simply works and I do believe that I have the passion and determination to coach out of you the best golfer you can possibly be!


The Program

I’ve spent the past 16 years developing a powerful performance program called Enfield Golf Performance Program that quite simply works!

Unlike most coaches who just seem to change what you are doing every time they see you & some coaches who spend as much time on their phone as they do watching & helping you, my program is personal, progressive & measured every step of the way.

The Enfield Golf Performance Program is made of 5 vital stages, most coaches miss at least 2 of these..



Advanced player analysis & testing


Performance review & plan of improvement blueprint


Periodised practice & performance goals


Constant mentoring every step of the journey


Periodised reviews to access progress & reevaluate goals

These 5 steps are the real secret to consistent reliable performance on the course.

But if you want a quick fix or the ‘easy way’ then I probably can’t help you.

You see I only take on golfers who really want to achieve their goals. That’s what I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about helping committed golfers just like you.

Success Stories

I have had lessons from Ollie at various stages over the years and my game has dramatically improved reducing my handicap from 45 to 22. I highly recommend Ollie no matter what level your game is currently at!
Ali Claypole - Sydney
22 Hcap
Ollie has taken me through the whole body approach to golf undoing all my bad habits. My game is experiencing a steep change in results including a few birdies! Many thanks Ollie with your persistence with me
Pete Buckley - London
25 Hcap
Ollie is a joy to work with, and knows precisely how to develop people into the golfer they aspire to be. His use of technology is second to none, and his generosity with his time served to motivate me further. Ollie is a world class coach who delivers significant improvements to your game
Tim Barwell - London
28 Hcap
Since working with Ollie I have achieved my best score ever, now we have a new goal of breaking 80 and know I can do it with Ollie's coaching
Dan Bailey - UK
18 Hcap
I’ve been working with Ollie on the program for 12 months now and in that time have reduced my handicap from 19 to 7!
James Doherty - London
7 Hcap
I played in our company golf day on Friday and won it with 38 points at The Addington Golf Club. I also won the longest drive! Your lessons have added substantial distance to my iron shots due to the lower flight and also vastly improved the accuracy of my driving
Jake Venn - London
15 Hcap

If you are ready to achieve your goals and invest your valuable time then here’s what I can do for you…

I will offer you a 60 minute Personal Swing Analysis

We will:

Analyse your current swing in detail using some pretty cool software, so that we have a clear understanding of what is causing your major problem areas & how to fix them
Build your bespoke and personalised Golfers Success Blueprint, designed to lower your handicap and iron out the weaknesses in your game

Places for these sessions are
extremely limited

Trent Park Golf Club

Bramley Raod


N14 4UW


Tel: 07472508009

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