Dashboard Introduction: The Battle Format

Battle format is the perfect tool allowing your audience to compare products, songs, events, or anything you can imagine and decide on which one is better. Such an approach supports your efforts to engage broad masses of viewers, as placement of antagonistic celebrities or competitive brands attracts their fans to visit and vote. What is […]

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Coined by Mark Schaefer, acclaimed SM expert, the term Content Shock is no longer something we can just move on with, but rather a factor every professional marketer has to take into consideration while creating a strategy. Doubling every 24 months, there is simply too much content and not enough time to consume all of […]

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If you’re here then you’re most probably looking for ways to make your content go viral. Let’s state the obvious first, no great headline will make your editorial super popular if the content lacks the substance. On the other hand, you article may be packed with valuable insights but without a powerful headline hardly anybody […]


Say Hello to Sumappz! Let’s Reinvent The Content.


Here you can find examples of all of our 10 interactive formats. In case any of them catches your attention, go HERE to register and start your free, 1-month trial! Enjoy! 1. Quiz Quizzes – heavy traffic drivers; interactive, clickable and interesting. Test your visitors’ knowledge, collect data AND turn them into customers at once. […]

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Content Marketing A.D. 2017 – Everyone is a Publisher

It’s been awhile since we all got used to something that seem very natural nowadays, once anything is published it is expected to allow for almost instant feedback; likes, comments, shares, pins, you name it. It is a must, no doubts about it. We all know and encounter content widely described as Digital Storytelling, where […]